Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Gifts and a Casserole

I always like to cook during the holidays so I bought some small little bread pans and planned to make Cappuccino Bread and Pumpkin Bread for everyone. After finishing 10 loaves and nearly dropping dead in the kitchen, everyone is only getting one loaf of bread and some cookies. I baked like nobody's business today!! Feet...Sore!! Back ...Aches!!! I also made a casserole and a lasagna for later this week. I will not be stepping foot in that kitchen for the rest of the week. Mark my words!!

Here you can see the first 2 Cappuccino and pumpkin loaves that I made. As you can tell, the pumpkin loaves didn't turn out that well. I even think the raisins towards the top burnt. For the Cappuccino Bread, I used my recipe for Cappuccino Muffins. The batter made enough for 2 small loaves that need to be cooked for an extra 15 minutes. They are going to be delicious!
Here is the casserole that I made. My friend Chrisa made Zucchini Feta Casserole for a girls night we spent at her house and I thought I would make it at home. I bought the ingredients and put E up to the task about 2 months ago and he just didn't have the touch to make it what it "could have been." So Sunday, I took another crack at it and E didn't even recognize it when I put it on a plate for him. I started out a tasteless Cooking Light recipe but once I was done, it was a delicious meal that I would definitely recommend you try. Also, this would be great to serve company, make when the family comes over, take to someone's house if they are sick or just had a baby. It's just that kind of recipe. ...Well, at least it is now!!
(I made Paula Dean's The Lady and Sons Lasagna Sunday too and I will update you all on that too later on this week when I finally get around to cooking and eating it.)

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Yumm... that pasta looks good