Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle

With all of the distractions lately, me and E have been exhausted and overworked. So we agreed to start eating right, sleeping right and exercising again. So I went to the grocery store and got plenty of food to cook all week and make our lunches for work. We went to the gym last night and then came home to walk Maggie. Afterwards, I made a very healthy dinner of salmon and sauteed artichokes.

However, we both have a nasty habit of eating junk if we feel like we worked hard enough at the gym for it. I left to take some movies back and E yells "Why don't you stop and pick up some cookies on the way home?" That sounded SOOOO good to me..... so I did!

I came home threw the first batch in the oven. They came out WONDERFUL. Me and E gathered in the kitchen to pour the milk and pile on the cookies. We got our treats and then retreated seperately. Well, Maggie got quiet...and when she gets quiet...that's never good. All of the sudden, E starts screaming at her to go and get into her kennel. She came running into the bedroom and went immediately into her kennel. I guess I had a puzzled look on my face because E just immediately started explaining that Maggie had eaten almost all of the cookies. This is starting to feel like deja vous. Here's what was left...

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andreaunplugged said...

Apparently it's a sign that you don't need to eat all of the cookies! Sucks though.