Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday Blues...

Well, Thursday was my birthday and just to recap the past few years of birthdays...

23 - At home alone; E was away at school.

24 - E had just left a day or two before to join the boat in Maryland.

25 - Spent half of the day sick at work, and the other half depressed at home alone since E was underway on the boat.

26 - Spent the evening at home alone after a long day at work; E was underway on the boat.

I think you can start to see the pattern that seems to take over all of our life's activities!! However, I just KNEW that things were going to be different this year...ahhh no!! Now it's my turn I guess.

So instead of a quiet evening with my husband and pooch and the dinner of my choice, and then getting ready for our awesome camping trip together, I will be stuck in a mini van driving 2 old ladies to San Antonio. Why? Because I got a new job which requires me to attend and setup a conference in San Antonio. Yay? And I am missing the big camping trip I had been looking forward to. E is still taking Maggie but I really wanted to go. Well, at least the paycheck is good and everyone leaves me alone. Now I guess I am the one who is going to flake out on birthdays because of my job!

27 - driving Miss Daisies

This is the countdown farewell tour of my twenties!!! For all of you who sent me birthday wishes...Thanks for thinking of me and I am still catching up on emails and phone calls so bear with me.

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Amanda said...

Oh, happy belated bday! Maybe next year you can take the day off and be with E and your puppy. You'll be at the job about a year and be able to request the day off. Good luck for next year!