Friday, April 4, 2008

Lunch on a Limb!

A few of you may remember the post I made about the Mediterranean deli/RV Parts warehouse. I guess anything goes in Texas. I was very weary about visiting this quality business establishment because...well...let's face it...nothing says "class" like a toilet valve dangling by your face while you eat a Gyro! OK OK we were proved wrong.

The food was excellent and I barely remember seeing any RV parts. Abbie is from Iran and he wife is from north Mississsippi. As soon as we walked into the door, they practically started shoving food down our throat. Abbie's wife gave us samples of two different kinds of cheeses, a delicious vegetable spread, some tabbouleh, some ginger cookies, and we were even offered some hot tea. Oh we had such a good time. Abbie is a 1975 chemical engineering graduate of the university I work for. As soon as he found out we worked there, all bets were off and we were automatically best friends. Andrea played a game called "Guess my accent!" with a little old Argentinian Italian lady while I was submerged into the politics of the Southeast Texas school systems. It was fun...they treated us like we stop by there everyday.

I had a small pizza with goat cheese, ham and olives. Here is what Andrea had. And these are the treats I bought for me and E from the little grocery store inside the deli.

I am excited about trying this on sandwiches instead of mayo.

Cappucchino Cookies...and three days later, I only have 4 left. No wonder all of the running I have done this week seems to be causing weight gain.

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Erika said...

I'm so proud of you for trying it out. ~You are going to have to take me there someday :0) - I love places like that.