Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's Cooking Wednesday - Eggs in a Basket

A few weeks ago, I found this recipe that was very pleasing to the eye. I always love going to restuarants that have soup in a bread bowl. I realize that I am easily amused but still...That's awesome that it will actually stay in the bowl. Now it was my turn to make things stay inside of bread.

I have become addicted to the Everybody Likes Sandwiches blog (on my favorites) and she made Eggs in a Basket a few weeks ago. Well, I finally got around to making them and I had such a good time. You can visit her site for the recipe. The only thing I changed was the ham for bacon. I could only find HUGE buns unless I somehow found the time to make my own (which I didn't) so I had to add extra eggs and filling to each bun. Delicious!!!

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