Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today's Aggervations

Well, I am back at work today...with lots of aggervations!!

number 1...because of the hurricane, all of the hotels in town are all booked and so for the next 2 weekends I will running conferences in Dallas and the following weekend we will be in NYC running another conference. The weekend after that, we are out of town for another conference. It was supposed to be in Houston...but that may change. That's the next 4 weekends in a row. Sigh!! I am too tired and pregnant for this!

number 2...yes the campus is back working and functional but all of the fire alarms are beeping nonstop outside my window and I am about to pull my hair out and it's only been and hour and a half!!

number 3...none of my maternity pants fit today. Mediums are too small/Larges are too big. So I have a choice...either I can suck it up and be miserable all day with pants that are too tight or scavenge for safety pins all over the office before my pants fall down. Unfortunately, I opted for choice number 2 and I am miserable either way.

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