Monday, September 15, 2008

Just a Quick Update

Well, I know I haven't written in almost 2 weeks now but TRUST ME...I have good reasons and I will try to do my best to share with you all.  First of all, school was "supposed" to start last week and I was working like a dog to get everything ready for the first day.  

Second, what you all are probably wondering, oh, a little storm named hurricane Ike.  Wednesday we got the call that the University where I work was closing for Thursday and Friday.  We got the county's mandatory evacuation at 6am on Thursday morning and the military FINALLY called it around 9am.  Luckily, all of supplies were already packed since we had just evacuated from Hurricane Gustav 2 weeks earlier.  E went into work to find out what was going on so I took that opportunity to get his suitcase packed and then pack the car for evacuation.  We left Thursday morning once he got home and went to visit my grandparents for the weekend.  Well, what we thought would be just a weekend, turned into a indefinate trip.  Saturday, after the storm hit, a friend who stayed stopped by our house to check everything out for us.  We got the all clear, at least from what he could tell.  E had tight locks on the back gates so he really couldn't see the backyard.  Some of our neighbors weren't as fortunate though with trees through their homes, debri through their windows and roofs that may or may not be fully intact.  

So me and E are staying with my grandparents for a while.  We thought about going home to check everything but with the price and limited quantity of gas, we just thought that we would let someone else use the gas that needed it and save our money for who-knows-what will come our way in the coming days.  We will definately have a refrigerator problem when we get back though.  But the word so far is that our city doesn't have clean running water, sewage, or power at this time.  Sewage is supposed to be working again at the end of the week and power?  Well, let's just say we aren't holding our breath for power.  The estimate at this time is 3 weeks!!!  We have had a tough time wrapping our minds around that fact.  

I feel like we are stuck on Gilligan's Island.  We just thought this weekend was going to be our three hour tour.  But for all of those that have called to check on us, thanks for your concern and we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers during the past week.  Boy did we need them.  But there's nothing we can do at home once we get there except sweat and not bathe so we are staying in Mobile for indefinately and enjoying the air conditioning and the lights for current time.

I will write more and post pictures as we get more information.


katshaver said...

I am so glad y'all are okay!!!! I was worried for all of my friends living in the Houston area!!!!! Stay safe and take advantage of the air conditioner!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting! I was wondering how everything was going for you and your family. Everytime they would show Ike I would try and remember where you arrow indicated you were from the previous storms.

Well, take care and good luck for your return home.

Ashley said...

I'm so glad to hear you are doing well. We were thinking about you. Hopefully power will return in less than 3 weeks but at least you all are safe. Let us know if you head north during your visit.