Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Day Off

Well, work was called off on Tuesday in preparation for the storm so we made a day of it and made iced coffee (from Smitten Kitchen) and Whole Wheat Apple Muffins (also from Smitten Kitchen). Mmmm. I decided it was time to get to work on some of my goals to complete before the baby arrives. I only have 174 days till the arrival and those days are flying by oh so fast!

So the Bathroom/Living Room Closet (I know that doesn't make sense and I completely agree...why does the bathroom closet open up into the Living Room?) really needed to be cleaned out. In fact, it still had boxes in the bottom left over from when we first moved into the house over a year ago. Shame on me! So here are my before and afters of the closet...



Then we made some spinach quiche and spinach dip and cleaned out the medicine cabinet and went throught the hurricane supplies. What a long day. I was exhausted.

E worked on the house some until his headache took over. He laid down for a little while and didn't wake up for 7 hours. Once he got up and starting functioning again, we wanted to walk Maggie while the weather was still mild and then watched 3 Days of the Condor. (E is on a kick where he only wants to watch old spy movies right now... I would object but they all turn out good...Marathon Man, the Lives of Others...I guess it's better than watching Harold and Kumar right?)

Oh yeah...did I tell you that me and E tried to stack the Washer and Dryer?? Even though I asked him to find someone else to take my place he was positive I could help him and we could do it easily...well,...we dropped it...It still works but whistles now.

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Amanda said...

Looks like you were busy!