Friday, July 3, 2009

Where have I been all of this time!

Let's start this post by saying that the Carter Bed and Breakfast (the friends we are currently staying with while we are in transition) had an internet recession. The network cable went on strike and the unemployment numbers didn't come in for a few days. But once the first quarter results were finally posted, there was a bi-partisan resolution reached (both Bailey's and Carter's). We pushed a bill through to get a stimulus package for new cabling and now, just before the break for the summer vacation, we now have internet again. (Pardon my bad political joke but I couldn't resist!)

Yes, we have had a hard few days without the internet. Boy did I realize how dependent I am upon it. Banking, email, entertainment, shopping, YOU NAME IT! There is nothing I can't do online these days. That is why I am so very glad to announce the arrival of our brand spanking new 3G iPhones. It was like God looked down on us in our time of internet needs and smiled.

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