Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Back

Finally, we are back up and running. Internet is finally working and my office chair has finally been vacated (by my husband who has his own office) so that I can get back to work. Don't worry...there is lots to come, however, I will break it up and share a little at a time.

To start off the day, I am sharing the pictures of the only 2 rooms that are complete! This is the picture of my family room.

And here is my connecting kitchen. Lots of space with a closet pantry. I am thrilled!!
If you haven't picked up all of the hints yet, we live on base in government housing. Everything I need, is within a few blocks. Grocery store, Exchange, gas station, restaurants, gym, waterfront jogging trail. I rarely have to go into the city...(of course we all know that I need a Target fix every now and then). But we arrived safely last Thursday and spent 2 days in downtown Alexandria while we got everything moved in.

Maggie is in heaven...she loves stairs and since our house is three stories, she constantly runs up and down them.

Rachel got back on routine quite quickly just to completely change everything starting yesterday. Boy what a long day we have had. Skipping the lunchtime nap really gives me a tired feeling I wasn't ready for. But what a relief it is to have her sleeping in her on room in her own bed. She has been sleeping in a portacrib in our room for the past 5 months. Ugh! While she does sleep through the night, every turn or cough or movement keeps me up.

E is reviewing paperwork and getting ready for work next week, as well as putting up pictures and moving furniture at my whims.


Amanda said...

Welcome home! That's so exciting that you are moved in and getting things organized. The rooms look great. That's wonderful that Rachel is sleeping through the night (and in her own room), I'm jealous :)

Ashley said...

I'm glad you're settling in. Everything looks wonderful.