Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving Madness

Somehow, not one, but 2 different departments didn't do their job and the paper work wasn't filed to get movers to come last week. I spent the better part of 3 days packing and separating our belongings and packing the last few things into the storage lockers.

We woke up at 5am on Wednesday to pack the car one more time before the packers came. E hung out at the storage facility for about an hour before he finally called to find out what was taking so long. He was informed that no one was coming for another 6 days. Surprisingly, we are both at peace about everything. I was worried about staying at the storage building with the packers all day with the baby and now E can do it really it was a blessing in disguise.

This is what E and I jokingly refer to as the "Hurry Up and Wait" mentality of the military. Want another example? We woke up at 5 am to drive to Houston and be the first one's in line to get new ID's. We walked in the door and sat down at 7:30. Even though we were first in line, we weren't taken care of until noon.

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