Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday News

Today was a little less stressful than the past few have been. We finished hanging pictures, had some lunch (yes, I am back on the P90X diet and exercise plan as of yesterday and YES, I am starving and sore) and then took Maggie and Rachel for a walk down to the baseball field. Mags has been kinda depressed now that she doesn't have another dog to play with at home. So she needed a little cheering up... nothing a good tennis ball can't cure. Since there are leash laws here on base and the grass in our backyard is the same amount of square feet as our closet, we just have to walk her every night or she doesn't get any exercise. So with the baseball field fenced in, we let her loose and she ran after that ball like a champ. I still can't get her off my bed and it's been 4 hours!

Rach is sitting up like a champ these days...(I wish I could say the same for the afternoon naps...Ekkk...I hear her start to cry as I am typing...only fifteen minutes into her nap...sigh!)

Since I am in no hurry to clean out my laundry room, I thought I would go ahead and share the pics. While it is currently a mess, I am thrilled with the size.
This room I somewhat finished last night. It just needs a rug and pictures inside the picture frames. But this is the only entrance into our house.
Maggie gets the drawers and the rest of us have our own baskets and hooks.
And here is the front. Super plain and the stairs are really starting to do a number on my waistline.


Ashley said...

Rafa is so little that when we take him to the baseball fields it seems like a pretty endless field. Haha! But he covers ground pretty quickly. He loves being off the leash and having a huge area to run around in!!! Your house is looking so cute! You are definitely making it homey!

Amanda said...

Rach is sitting up so good..yeah. The house is coming together so nicely!