Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baileys on the Move

Where am I these days? It hard to tell from day to day! I have slept in 8 different cities in the past 2 weeks. No, it's not fun, it's exhausting. Sigh...but we are making due because we are in the middle of a huge move for the whole family. We arrived in our nations capital this morning and took a tour of the base, did a little window shopping, drove by our house (we don't get the keys until tomorrow), and then headed to our hotel and took Rachel swimming.

But the highlight of my day was getting to see Marine One (4 of them) take off and land not too far from my house. I know right!?! I am so excited to be starting the newest part of our life. I know posts are few and far between lately but we move into our house tomorrow and hopefully life can start calming down next week. We have been living with friends and relatives for far too long. And while we are incredibly grateful for everyone's sense of accommodation, we are ready to settle down somewhere we can cal our own.

-Pictures of move-in day to come...


Amanda said...

So exciting! Have fun moving in!

Ashley said...

Good luck with the move!! Almost to the finish line!