Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Hangover

We love our families...don't get me wrong...but I am so thankful to be home from all of the hustle and bustle of the eating and socializing and eating and shopping and ...did I mention the eating??? In all truthfulness, we had a good time visiting with family and friends and we weren't hungry for several days. Here are just a few highlights...
*Driving all night in the rain through the back roads of Louisiana going 45 mph...

*Sleeping through most of Thanksgiving day due to the all night driving...

*Watching Maggie pine for Bob (her uncle), Sydney (her aunt), and Bailey (her second cousin) for 4 days solid...Poor girl, no one wants to play with her. (Dennis shielding Bob from Maggie's advances)

*Maggie's first Thanksgiving dinner...

*Seeing Jon, Ashley, Evie Grace, and Ian (and especially spending quality time with Ian, maybe too much)...
*Mom cooking her first Thanksgiving dinner EVER!

*Shopping with the whole family...(Beth, Kayla, Me, E and Maggie pining after Bob, yet again, after a long day of picking out Christmas gifts)

*Mornings of Christmas quiche and Scrapple (yes...I said Scrapple...Props to Oscar and Dennis for bringing Scrapple home from Delaware)
**Wikipedia's definition of Scrapple

"Scrapple is a savory mush in which cornmeal and flour, often buckwheat flour, are simmered with pork scraps and trimmings, then formed into a loaf. Small scraps of meat left over from butchering, too small to be used or sold elsewhere, were made into scrapple to avoid waste. Scrapple is best known as a regional food of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland."

Good...yet questionable.

*And my favorite part of Thanksgiving was coming home to a heater that refuses to start, and the living room, dining room and master bathroom circuit continually breaking for no good reason. It sure was cold and dark waiting on the technician to arrive.

All is fixed and Christmas decorations are on their way up. Thanks to all of those who made Thanksgiving so memorable. We love you all.

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