Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Great Bailey Pumpkin

Maggie was terrified of the pumpkins. Once we put them both on the front porch, she refused to walk past them to go outside...some guard dog she will turn out to be :)

This is Maggie's Halloween costume. She was the cutest bumblebee on the block for the five minutes before she ate her own wings. So, being the gracious parents we are, we helped her take off her costume. Plus, her antennas kept falling in her eyes.

E and Maggie with our pumpkins we labored tirelessly over for hours... Next year we will remember to buy a pumpkin carving kit... I came home and E had his drill out, my X-acto knife from my art supplies, several drill bits, an electric jig-saw, a swiss army knife, steak knives, several different screw drivers... It took longer to clean the pumpkin goo off the tools than to actually carve the pumpkin.

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