Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh...What a Weekend!!!

What a weekend!!! I am exhausted! I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! Friday night was date night...We haven't had date night in a few months, so dinner and coffee went a long way after a long stressful week.

Saturday started early with some Souffle'd Banana Pancake and coffee breakfast. Then the fun started...
We spent most of the day tearing down the rest of the wall that was left from the work we did last weekend. We worked hard at delicate demolition for most of the day. Maggie did nothing but stay in the way all day long...It's what she does best.
The night ended with a Tennis and Golf Themed Karaoke-House Warming party (say that 10 times fast) for a friend of E's from work. We went as 70's tennis pro's. E's rendition of "We work hard for the money," "YMCA," and "The Final Countdown" was a crowd favorite. Sunday consisted of church, grocery shopping and rearranging furniture. More pics of the house to come...

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Anonymous said...

Heck yes, that was awesome. You even got the back of my head in there!! WOOHOO!