Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Last Day with My Parents/First Day Alone

Long sleepless nights equal pajamas all day.  We tried using the carrier so I could warm up dinner...good idea right?  Bad idea to turn her facing out...she was ticked because she could hear me but not see me.
The guard pooch stationed at her door.
Her last nap with KK before she left to go home.
Rach sporting the shirt that I made her when she went on her first outing to dinner last night.
Sleepless nights, jaundice scares requiring bloodwork, blocked tear ducts, visiting dads office (unintentionally) and saying goodbye to KK and PawPat (My parents)  ...  It was a long day!  I don't know if I am an emotional mess because my hormones are changing or the lack of sleep.


Anonymous said...

I tried the carrier thing while making a sandwich and I ended up dropping a blob of mayonnaise on John Avery's head. IT was really funny and a definite scrapbook moment.

Anonymous said...

sorry the last comment was from me...Michelle Richardson Holland

sigraber said...

B & E...she is truly beautiful! Your blog made me miss that phase in our lives...then I started recalling the "double of everything" for the girls while trying to potty-train Caleb, and now I am PRAISING THE LORD THAT PHASE IS OVER!!! :)

Amanda said...

Good luck being on your own. I'm worried about that for us too when its time. Let me know how you adjust.