Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Week

Naptime with PawPat
Tummy Time turned into "Hey, I've been looking for those fingers!!"  The only way that I knew she was still breathing was the loud sucking sound she was making with her whole hand in her mouth!
KK finally got her to go to sleep which wasn't hard since all of the hard stuff was already done...dry, fed and cleaned.

***In case you are wondering, I am dong a picture documentary these days and WAY less commentary.  I am doing good to load the pictures.


andreaunplugged said...

I think pictures are just fine, I like seeing them...and way easier on you than a play by play commentary!

katshaver said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! I get excited every time I get an update from your blog!!!!!! Keep them coming!!!!! I am super impressed, I don't know how you get the pics up so fast!!!

Amanda said...

The pictures tell the story wonderfully! Its probably quicker and eaiser for you too. Just keep 'em coming! She is so cute!