Thursday, March 5, 2009

The End of a DeJuVue-ish Day

Well, I only have a few things to say today:
1.)Thank God for Swaddle Me wraps because I can't fold a tight blanket to save my life!
2.)Thank God for housekeepers, especially those that call an hour before they come to remind you of what day it is!!
3.)I am starting to feel like a dairy cow...Is that a good thing?
4.)Maggie ate my coveted end of the day piece of chocolate cake...luckily there was more BUT STILL!!!  
5.)I think my daughter is starting to look like her Daddy more and more each day.  We compared her to my baby pictures yesterday and she looked like me and today is a whole new ballgame.  As she gains weight, she looks more and more like E.  But thats ok cause I have a FINE looking husband!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

I'll hold off on deciding who she looks like for a little bit longer, since babies really do change day by day. Regardless of who she looks like, she's still adorable!