Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lazy Sundays

E created his own way of keeping the baby creating a race track through the house.  He carries Rach and they walk fast through the house until she is asleep.  Whatever works for him!!

Yesterday was her first walk.  Mom got some much needed sunlight, exercise, and time outside of the house.  Maggie got a walk and E got to spend quality time with all of us.  He's a lucky guy!!

My baby is learning to go to sleep on her own in her own bed.  She takes naps in her room but sleeps with us at night.  


Amanda said...

She looks so cumfy in her crib. Its cute how E has come up with getting the baby to sleep, hey...what ever works!!

Ashley said...

She is just adorable, Brooke! I'm glad you are all enjoying your time together. What a beautiful family!!!

Did you hear Carrie's wonderful news?!?