Monday, May 18, 2009

Where in the World is Everyday Bailey

As a surprise, my mom flew me and the baby back home to Alabama for my sister's baby shower. All of the family was there and it was a surprise to them all. But let's start at the beginning...Rachel did really well on the plane. That was honestly my worst fear because you hate to be the mom with a screaming baby on a plane full of people. Turned out, she slept the entire way, however, that may have been the only nap she was able to get the entire day. (that one really bit me in the rump later on) We got there in one peice...however, I can't say the same for my luggage/carseat. The airport gave us a loaner car seat which might as well have been made of paper. It was worthless. Luckily they found our luggage later on that day and delivered it late that evening.
Rachel at 12 weeks

We met all of the family for lunch after they spent the morning shopping, and BOY were they surprised that me and baby showed up. We were all the loudest things ever to hit the Blue Plate Cafe in our town. And we aren't quiet and respectful when we are excited either. Everyone in the restaurant knew how excited we were to see each other. Baby got passed around the table so everyone could spend some time with her...and boy, she was trooper. She didn't get upset at all. She actually seemed to enjoy looking at all of the different faces.

Sunday, we all drove over to my sister's (gigantic) house to have lunch with all of the family once more before they left and attend her baby shower where we got to see old friends and teachers and acquintances. Me and Blake (my sister) never get to hangout. So since the doctor has put her on half days at work until the baby comes so she invited me and baby to spend the night. So we are going to talk BABY today and get a few things ready for her new baby boy, Brody. He should be here anyday now. (And Rach is breaking in all of his toys and bedding for him, just to give you an idea of how tall she is already...if she was an inch longer, she wouldn't fit in his bassinet...I KNOW RIGHT!!)


theshavers said...

What a FUN trip!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting that your sister is having a baby too!! Cousins close to the same age is AWESOME!!!! I know you were excited to get home and see family!!

Ashley said...

FUN! What an exciting surprise! I love Blake's nursery!! Too cute!