Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Homage to our First House

Goodbye house!  You were a good first house...lots of love, comfort, and good memories were had by all.  

First Memories in our First House:
1. first time to attempt renovations
2. first pet
3. first time to get to know neighbors
4. first baby
5. first time to not have a job
6. first time to sell a house
7. first time to attempt landscaping

Ahhhh...so many memories here.  But now it is time to say goodbye!  We spent all last week with E's parents and all of this week moving furniture and making the last few repairs needed before we close at the end of the week.  Exhaustion is taking a toll on us though.  Even baby is getting tired of being carted around and passed off from neighbor and friends and nursery workers at church.  I think I am already getting mother's guilt!  Just a few more days!!  

Where do we live? With Elizabeth and Matt for the time being!  They are evidently glutens for punishment inviting me and E with baby and Maggie to stay.  But baby sleeps all night and doesn't cry much, so really, it's just Maggie that's the problem.  "Let the Great Experiment Begin!"

Everyday Bailey will be back as soon as life calms down next week.


Ashley said...

So sad leaving behind the first house!!! I'm sure you will make many more memories in a new home though. When are ya'll moving?

Amanda said...

Awh, tons of memories. Time to make new ones in the new home! Good luck with getting back to normal too.

Ashley said...

Brooke - I hope you had a great Mother's Day! I was thinking about you!