Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Week at Home in Pictures

Baby Bailey learning to sit on her own. She is doig very well and I think she will be sitting up by next month and rolling over by the end of the week.
Baby tries Sprite for the first time on the tip of my finger. While it did stop her from fussing anymore, I had to keep doing it of she fussed louder. She liked Sprite.
My Dad cutting the neighborhood grass before we left for the beach.

Our last dinner together before my sister has her baby!

All of us girls at home for weekend.

The infamous "BELLY PICTURE" that my Papa has to do with all of the pregnant girls in the family...just for comparison.

My Brother-in-law, Rodney, really took to baby and it honestly surprised me. She laughed and played with him for the longest time.

More cousins and uncles came to the beach to meet us there and see the baby. Here is my cousin, Will, holding Rach for the first time.

Laurel was very helpful all week with the baby, even though Rach pooped and spit-up all over her clothes SEVERAL times! She was a good sport! She just kept coming back for more.


Amanda said...

It looks like you had a wonderful week! Rachel is adorable and doing great sitting up!!

Ashley said...

She is adorable!!!! I am sooo sad I missed getting to see you! Of all days to actually be busy.....

Oh, well.... Next Time!