Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Tube Movies

I purposed last week to try to find a way to export movie clips of the baby on the net.  I tried blogger but after it's progress bar never moved while I left he computer alone all day (!!!), I gave up and decided to try different options.  I ended up going with YouTube after much debate and posted a video for my family of the baby's bath that day.  She was so cute!!  But I am taking that one off of the public net, for naked reasons, and have made it private for only members of Youtube that I approve.  I have posted these a new public one in it's place for this week. 

The video is of her talking...she talks alot these days.



Ashley said...

She is precious!

Anonymous said...

Brooke, she is BEAUTIFUL! I tried to do the same thing with Brayden while he was watching this with me and he informed me that he was not a baby. Oh well....
Hope all is well with you all!

Kristen tate