Monday, April 6, 2009

At the Speed of Light

Are me and E the 2 luckiest people in the world or what??  Last Tuesday, I invited my realtor, Katie over to walk through the house with me before we put it on the market.  2 days later, she had buyer beating down door dying to get in and take a look at the house.  Ummmm...E was gone and I was at home with I needed a few days to clean up.  But they came by this weekend and within 20 minutes, we had an offer.  We counter offered and they accepted.  Our house wasn't even on the market yet...Can you believe it!!  So here was the final project.

E fence that him and my dad built while I was recovering from having the baby.
The front, ...not much to tell here
The storage center and E and his dad built.
The bookcases that E and his dad built.
The breakfast area that me and my mom built, with a little help from E.
Obviously, the dining room.
And, well, obviously the living room.


Amanda said...

Great news. That is awsome that you didn't even have the house on the market and its sold. The house is so cute too. I'm sure you guys will do the same with the next one!!

Ashley said...

Congratulations!!! Looks like all that hard work paid off! The house looks great! Ashame you have to leave behind all that hard work. You'll have to start fresh with a new one. Haha!