Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Pro / Con List

-Paid days off of work
-R&R for a few days in a cool city
-Spending quality time together
-Lots of rain during the dry season
-Finding the opportunity to finally clean out the fridge and the freezer
-All fresh food in the grocery store once you get home

-It's all anyone talks about for the next 2 weeks and sometimes 2-5 years if it was bad enough and they all compare it to the BIG ONE a few years back
-The news talks repeatedly about how well the city did compared to the response to Katrina
-Yes, there's fresh food in the grocery store but try finding it because everyone is buying groceries at the same time
-Playing catch up at work for the days missed
-Sitting in traffic trying to get to a safer location at least 3 times longer than it normally takes you
-All of the laundry that has to be done before you leave because you have to pack
-All of the laundry that has to be done when you get home because you have unpacked
-Watching people roam around the streets while you are sitting in traffic because they want to see what the holdup is all about! (IT'S ABOUT HURRICANE EVACUATION!)
-Loosing satelitte reception because the wind is blowing all of the tree branches in the neighborhood
-Unloading the car
-Coming home to a ghost town where everything is closed
-The dog acting like a crazy pooch cause she's been cooped up in the car and in a hotel room for a few days
-The fact that you can't breathe a sigh of relief because you may have to evacuate again next weekend as another hurricane starts making the trek towards the gulf coast again.

Hmmm...I think I am rethinking my love for natural disasters.


Amanda said...

Wow! I've never had to think about hurrican evacuations living in New England, but it seems a little over whelming!

We just have to worry about blizzards around here and a few of your cons things we have to deal with around here when the snow flys.

Well, take care!

Ashley said...

Better to be safe than sorry like ya'll and get the heck out but I know that must be a pain. Glad ya'll made it through!

Anonymous said...

Pro's: Seeing my favorite little cousin ever!! AKA Laurel

Anonymous said...

Hey I didn't put Laurel Green! I just wrote do they know who I am!!