Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day and Spring Pics

The kids have started playing together this week. They will share toys, steal toys, feed each other and laugh and jibber jabber back and forth for small amounts of time. I love it! It's hilarious!

Someone took a pic for me at the baseball game the other night since I forgot my camera. That's E waving to the crowd as they introduced him and all of his accomplishments.

Rach enjoying the warm and vibrations of the dishwasher. What this picture doesn't show is overcome she is with her reflection a few seconds later.
Happy Mother's Day to me. Luke was sick and kept me up from 11-4 so Mother's Day was a complete blur of exhaustion since I was keeping babies at church that morning and then going to get pictures made of the kids that afternoon. All of that trouble and exhaustion was worth it though because the first batch of pictures are so cute!

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