Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Rach is still warming up to the idea of staying in her new big girl bed. Which for the present time, means I up a few times every night when a little person crawls into my bed and sticks their fingers up my nose while I am asleep. Sigh! While last night went well (mostly, because I shut the door to her room, against E's wishes), the three previous nights did not go well so I have been walking around like a zombie for a few days. While today is a little better, I still don't have the energy to get my pictures and thoughts organized, so here are a few pics from our most recent trip home.
Cutting the grass with PawPat
Getting geared up for the coming Auburn football season
There was also lots of water involved in our vacation. I think we got in water of some form everyday. We started with a week at the beach.
The middle few weeks were full of days in the backyard babypool. There were so many more pics of her in the babypool and they were all so cute but they were mostly naked pictures.
Then there were several trips to the splash park. That was the favorite.

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