Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Week in Pictures

SO pictures will have to suffice! Also, Thursday morning...We find out if it's a girl or boy!!

Saturday we found some Leap Frog letter magnets at a yard sale for one of our neighbors and got an awesome deal.
All I have heard for the past few days, is "A...A...A...A" because Rach would rather walk around the house with the magnet in her hand pushing the button than listen to the song!

We learned how to color this week...and when I say color, I mean how not to chew on crayons!

She has finally decided to make friends with Maggie. She like to sit in Maggie's chair and bring her toys. It's even funnier to feed her the vegetables and meat off of her plate!! Lots of disciplining going at my house over that!!

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Amanda said...

Yes, I can relate with the pushing sound of one button....we have that too:) Drew is at the stage of eating the crayons rather then coloring. You will now have so many pictures to hang up.

Good luck with finding out if you are having a boy or exciting!!