Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm a Fainter!!

Why E can't be in charge of taking our kids to get their bloodwork taken care of, I will never know. He has a stomach of steel and can take anything. Me, on the other hand...not so much. The sight of blood is a little too much for me. In fact, when I went to get all of my pregnancy bloodwork done, I passed out in the chair and had to be fireman hoisted over one of the techs shoulders and taken to a bed to lie down.'s that bad!!

But Rach has had the "results of an upset stomach" for about 8 weeks now and we can't get rid of it. After changing her diet and her milk several times trying to check for allergies, samples were taken and bloodwork needed to be drawn.

Round one of bloodwork didn't go so well. They weren't able to get enough blood to do one of the three tests that had been ordered because she was screaming so loud and so incredibly tense. So we tried again this week and they were very successful. We sang and talked throughout the whole thing and she was fairly calm. She was rewarded with a pink bandaid wrap and some new Elmo stickers and then mom and dad got her a new play doctor kit for having such a rough week (because vaccines were needed too).

Did I mention she's a walking maniac these days??? I think she's carrying her play syringe and the little instrument that checks your ears.

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