Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yard Sale

Saturday all of neighbors and myself had a huge block party yard sale. And when I say block party...I don't think I stayed at my house long at all! I was at all of my neighbor's yard sale seeing what they had and buying cookies and lemonade from their kids! E had to head into work all day but before he left, he set Rachel up like a champ in the garage. She got a porta-crib, blanket, pillow, babydoll/paci, and portable tv from the car complete with a new Blue's Clues video. She stayed in the crib and watched movies all morning long until nap time. The whole yard sale went over much easier than I ever thought it could.

How much did I make? Enough to cover the amount I spent getting everything ready, the bassinet I bought from my neighbor for the new baby and plenty of books for Rach.

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Amanda said...

Nice set up!! Yeah, love community yard sales, we don't have enough in my area.