Friday, April 23, 2010

We Are Home!!

After spending ALL weekend cleaning house and grocery shopping and doing laundry, I am finally done playing catch up on my household duties, plus a few extras that required help from the maintenance department. What were those extras, you might ask. Well, let's just say that I have bird poop all over my laundry room that needed attending to. Yes, I said it. Bird Poop!!

I have a three time offender who likes to crawl through the outside dryer vent and then peck her way through my inside dryer vent to get out. Then she goes insane trying to get out of the laundry room which makes Maggie a little crazy too. Then we have to repair to dryer hoses and clean up the poop. Sigh! Why me?? As if I don't have enough to do these days.

But we are home and put back together nonetheless (and a little under the weather) and will try to stay current online for a while since there are lots of exciting things coming down the hatch in the next few weeks...E's graduation, the sex of the new baby, our next job assignment, a new walking toddler, spring pictures with Lindsley, new furniture and cheapo projects around the house that I have been putting off that I am looking forward to sharing with you all.

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