Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sesame Street

I have several posts in the queue awaiting pictures, but E took my camera cable to work with him and I won't get it back until in the absence of any other pictures, here is what else is going on at our house.

While Rach really hasn't shown an interest in Sesame Street as a whole, Elmo has really perked up some ears at my house. And while I was gone, my neighbor picked us up some tickets to go and see Sesame Street Live here on base brought in by the USO. This is awesome! And the building is only a few blocks from my house, so we can walk and not have to deal with parking. I am pumped. I just always wish they started those types of shows earlier. The show starts at 6:30 and Rach goes to bed at 7 so we will see how long she lasts.

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Amanda said...

Have fun!! Drew is the same way, not really interested in Sesame Street as a whole, but loves Elmo!