Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthdays Galore!

Me and E have birthdays about 10 days apart so normally we do a big night for the both of us. But since we are apart this time, he celebrated his birthday this week by eating Burger King and picking out his own gift. My first thoughts were "Am I that strict with food at home that he feels like he can't eat Burger King whenever he wants to?" But then I remember just how fast that stuff will kill you and my guilt is gone.

But for his birthday this year, he treated himself to a nice new Sony E-Reader. He had one that he bought a few years ago but Maggie and her bud, Neal, took notice of it this summer when it was left out and then the company changed the format of the files so he couldn't buy any new books. So it was time for an upgrade.
And I decided to go with jewelry for my birthday. And not jewelry in a gaudy expensive sense of the word. That's not my style at all! I am super simple and 100% plain (I heard my mother call me "plain" last night because I refused to big earrings and a big necklace at the same time). I wanted something personal and classic that I could wear with just about anything and decided on this necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs. Ladies...Listen Up....hint, hint...check out her stuff for a Mother's Day gift since it's just around the corner.

Well, we are still home for a little while longer. Rach is starting to get a little stir crazy in the house and I am having to get creative with new things to explore...Today, we had fun with the colanders. Luckily, the weather is finally warming up so we can go for a walk and hit the playgrounds.


andreaunplugged said...

Cute necklace! Very good choice for a birthday present.

The Coulter Family said...

Oh happy Birthdays!!! come back soon! i woulda took over some cookies for him or something if i knew! lol.
My back flared up so trav is taking me to Bethesda tomorrow.. early.. ugh! Eric tell u I had to borrow the little shift stick car!!!?? hehe then him and Trav made fun of my gimp walk I hear! lol! Hope you girls are having fun and ur eating good stuff for the baby peanut!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the hint idea for the necklace! They are too cute :) Oh, and happy birthday!!