Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank God It's Friday

After all of the Ebay items I sold, today is the last day I have to make a trip to the post office! Hallelujah!! I am so tired of getting things ready for shipment and making the trip to the post office almost every day. While it was bothersome, I completely paid for all of Rachel's summer and fall clothes this year and I am quite proud of that!!

What else is happening here at the Bailey house? Well, the snow is FINALLY starting the melt (at least for our side of the street, our poor neighbors across the street will have ice in their driveway for weeks since they don't get any morning sun). The snow was nice but the 3-point turn in reverse just to get into my driveway was getting a little old. We are all ready for Spring!! Me and E were noticing that Maggie is getting a little pudgy these days. She is ready for Spring so she can get out and get more walks. Rach is getting bored inside. She would love to get out and go to the park but even the park is still covered in ice! We are going to try a toy swap today to keep things interesting (We swap out half of her toys every month to keep them fresh and new).

In other news, Rach took her first steps Wednesday morning. (I will post the video next week) She can't go very far but she is thrilled at the thought of her new found freedom. We also dropped the morning nap this week so I am just left with the afternoon nap for the next year. Sigh! So much for my morning shower!!

This is what I saw coming down the stairs yesterday. Evidently, Rachel wouldn't leave her alone during her morning nap so Maggie went and hid in the playhouse, that is, until Rachel came in there and kicked her out!

We took a little video of Dancing Rachel this week if you are interested in watching.

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