Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed-In Indefinitely

What's Cooking Wednesday has officially been canceled for this week. Mostly because I can't get to the store to buy the ingredients I need, nor do they have any ingredients to sell

Nothing new this week...More Snow! As I watched E shovel the walk, I realized that in some places, the snow was as tall as his shoulders. Another day stuck inside. We are on a blizzard warning until tonight.

I have been keeping Rach inside since she has a runny nose, but E and Maggie have been out and about everyday, walking and playing and exploring. Maggie is such a snow-dog. She loves playing in the white wild. It's so funny to watch her bury her head in the snow and take big mouthfuls of it. Then she runs to the front door because she's cold and wants to go inside and warm up.

E and Maggie went outside to shovel the snow while I took pictures of them, all warm and toasty in the kitchen, holding a cup of coffee.

Rach thinks it's funny to talk to Maggie through the door.

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