Monday, February 15, 2010

Post-Valentine's Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We certainly did...Rach learned lots of new words yesterday and spent the whole day trying to perfect them. She was so amiable and would copy anything we told her to say. Everything was hilarious, everything was a conversation, she was just so funny!!
I spent Saturday prepping our special Valentine's dinner since we had church on Sunday morning. I knew if I didn't prep it early, we would be eating frozen pizza. Solution: Crock Pot Asian Pork Roast. Verdict: Oh My!! This pork was easy to throw together and I threw it in the slowcooker for 3.5 hours. It was SO TENDER and it just fell apart, which made me glad that I tied it first. There were also alot of leftovers for another dinner and then more for sandwiches another day. Asian food always seems so daunting to me since I am not used to that type of cooking (I always ignore that part of the grocery store) but I finally womanned-up and don't regret it. It hit every tastebud in my mouth, perfectly!!

For dessert: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake from Smitten Kitchen. Erika made this for my baby shower last year and after E tried it, he has been wanting this cake again for a while. I told him I was going to wait for a special occasion and Valentine's Day seemed to fit the bill. But a whole cake?? That's alot of calories...just for us!! No worries! I called my neighbors, divided the cake into four wedges and farmed it all out!! We were left with the perfect amount of cake for 2 people. This cake is amazing. Make sure you have milk stocked up in your fridge because it's rich!!

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