Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow

More snow is in the forecast for today. Specifically, another 12-18 inches. I still have 3 feet in my yard. There is only enough room for one car (barely) at a time to go down our street. Kids haven't gone to school since Thursday. Good grief! Can you tell I am going a little stir crazy?

There are still no groceries at the grocery store that we can get to. Regardless, we are going to go and try again this morning. As of Thursday of last week, everyone began anticipating the snowy weekend and the addition of Super Bowl parties everywhere. Lines that curled up and down the aisles just to checkout. By Friday night, (I made one quick stop before the snow covered the street) as I walked through the produce department, I eerily looked at all of the empty bins where fruits and vegetables had once been and was completely creeped out. Everything was empty! And I mean everything. Had the Apocalypse hit and I was still here? There was no bread, dairy, produce, lunchmeat, cheese, chips, canned food...NOTHING! It was creepy. I stopped in yesterday while I was out to pick up some milk, and nothing had changed. The store was still empty. I also don't think we have gotten mail since Thursday of last week. Weird right? (Funny story, we took Rach on the sled and walked to the convenience/liquor store...plenty of milk...all out of liquor though...Hmmm).

Well, at least we are one of the lucky ones who haven't lost power. You always have to look for the silver lining! Wish us luck tonight.


squeeli2 said...

I can't even imagine what it's like there. The worst I can ever remember here was snow to my knees and I was in the 4th grade so that isn't saying much.

andreaunplugged said...

I wish I didn't have to go to school! Who needs groceries when you can have loads of snow cream and play in an igloo. :)