Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If You're Keeping Tabs on Me...

I was able to check off another items on my "List of things to do this Year." So far I have sold and shipped 55 items on Ebay (which is tough to do in a snowstorm). I used the profits and bought all of Rachel's clothes for the summer and the fall. I am so pumped that I am this far ahead of the game. Check!

Next on the list, buying something off of Craigslist. Check! Rachel has been determined to tear down the crib we have now (minus a few pieces that we lost in the move) so I started looking for a "low cost alternative." I found the cutest Jenny Lind Crib on Craigslist and me and E put it together today and rearranged her room since we no longer "need" a changing table. Rach was a little freaked out by the bed because the rails were higher (thank goodness, because she was so close to climbing out), but all is well now and she loves her new bed.

You want more snow pictures? You got em'!! At the end of the day, we had about 2 more inches on top of what you see here. The wind (at 45mph last night) sounded like it was trying to tear the house down. It was a long, loud night!! But the snow shoveling started early this morning and hopefully warmer temperatures are on their way.

Why am I hopeful that warmer temperatures are on their way? Because we are beyond bored stuck inside. I spent the last 2 blizzards organizing my house because I was bored. Now, I have nothing to do!! We are so bored, in fact, that we tried to teach Rachel to ride Maggie, and we tried to teach Maggie to like it. (neither happened)


Amanda said...

That is great that you did so well on ebay and craigslist!! Yahoo! That is hilarious about teaching Rach to ride Maggie :) Good luck with the cabin fever!!

andreaunplugged said...

I think when Rachel is a little older, riding maggie will be more successful. Good luck with the cabin fever.

Here's my list of ideas for things I'd try to do if I was stuck inside long enough:
1. Baby photo shoot (as if you don't already have enough baby pics!)
2. Organize my photos, create books on Snapfish or MyPublisher. Look online for coupon codes.
3. Go to and see what new recipes I could cook using ingredients I already have in the pantry.
4. Have a marathon of The Office or Arrested Development.

That should keep you occupied till about noon! And hopefully the snow will calm down soon.

Tara said...

Can I ask what types of things you are selling on ebay? I've wanted try but have been scared to jump in. Is it a difficult process? I'm so behind on the ebay thing.

Oh and I got the coupon - Thanks!

Brooke said...

I love it!! Instead of the baby photo shoot, we made a few movies for the grandparents, then I finally finished ordering pictures for her baby book, made a pot of soup, and exhausted Arrested Development to DEATH!! MAN I love that show!! It just never gets old!! And now...I shall nap!!

Brooke said...

Tara, you should totally sell your old stuff on ebay! It's so easy. Pull out what you want to sell, get it all washed and ironed and ready for pictures, pull it apart into the lots that you want to sell, and upload all of your information. Uploading it was the easy part. It was time consuming at first getting everything ready, but lately, I have nothing but time. And then sit back and watch your bidder go nuts. Me personally, I put outfits together and sold them as a set, sold shoes, sold a few (6 piece set) Gymboree pieces that all matched, I found that singles sell better than lots of random clothes, anything and everything. Even stuff my sister found for me at a yard sale that I didn't like. Even that stuff sold for $10! Do it, your closets will thank you and so will your paypal account!!

Denise :) said...

We have *so* much stuff left at the house that we could sell on ebay; I just find the whole thing so daunting (not to mention that most of it I purchased on ebay)!

My folks are loving the snow (they live between Annapolis and Baltimore); but they're retired and like having an excuse to read a book--ummm, books--by the fireplace. You haven't lost power yet, have you?

Are you all expecting any frozen precip early next week?

Brooke said...

We are expecting snow again next week, so I am spending the weekend preparing for the next round of cabin fever.

But you should totally sell your stuff on ebay, or Craigslist if they are large items. You especialy since you are downsizing so DRASTICALLY!! And trust me, alot of the stuff I sold, was actually actually bought on ebay too! Don't be scared! Just sit down and DO IT!!