Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're Back

Well, we made it home...barely...lots of weather and ice and delays made for 2 VERY interesting plane rides. Just to keep me on my toes, the airlines thought it would be funny to reschedule all of my flights with my little one after 9pm. For the record, the fun just never stopped on one particular flight. I have come to the realization that I HATE FLYING now that I have a kid...and it's only an hour and a half flight home.

Back to our same ole schedule this week...Thank God! Groceries are bought and put away, suitcases are unpacked, and the symptoms of the 57 teeth that decided to come this week at the same time as a diaper rash and a cold have subsided so sleep is finally returning to normal.

Just a few Christmas and snow day pics to hold you over until I get my thoughts and pictures better organized.

E, who is old enough to be my ... much older brother ... sometimes treats me like a small child, and here is the evidence. He has a favorite Christmas book, Mr Wallaby's Christmas Tree, that he forgot to read to Rachel on our faux-Christmas Eve, so he made me sit on the couch with him so he could read the story to me.

Our Christmas tree, moments after Santa arrived.
She found the toys Santa left pretty quick. I sat her down to drink her morning milk as usual. I think she may have taken 2 sips before something blue and yellow caught her eye.

Me and E built a snow fort around the front of our house together while Rach took a nap. It totally ROCKED and was the BEST/ONLY snow fort in the neighborhood. Neighborhood kids started to congregate in our front yard trying to figure out what we were building. Don't adjust your monitors, yes, that is red sprinkles you see on top of the "rotundas." E is a little eccentric. I know enough not to question the way his mind works.


Ashley said...

Wow! Santa brought her a sled?!? Awesome! I want one!! Only no snow here. Forecasted for tomorrow, though, so I'm expecting total city shutdown.

Amanda said...

Welcome back!! What a great Christmas pic, Rach just looks so excited. I love the snow fort too, you guys rock!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh thank goodness you're back! I just missed you so much. By the way, the pictures are so cute :)