Monday, January 25, 2010

List Progress

I got a huge jump of my New Year list without intending to jump the gun, so-to-speak. What have I done already? Well, I am glad you asked.

I spent a large chunk of the day Saturday listing some of Rachel's old baby clothes on Ebay. It was a long day but I hope it will pay off in the end. Then I cleaned out her closet and drawers and found a whole new pile of clothes to get rid of again. So I expect I will be listing alot more this week too. If you are interested in any of the stuff I am selling, click here and mention that you are a reader and I will ship whatever you win for FREE. It's all little girls' clothes though.

Me and E have committed to turn the TV off for one week to make time for some bible study and prayer in our lives this week. So, last night, I couldn't sleep because, well, normally, I watch tv until I can't hold my eyes open anymore. So I tried reading a book. It was so good that expect to be halfway through the book by this afternoon. Halfway to having one of my 5 books read. I hardly ever read so I am pumped about that. Luckily, my mom gave me the entire set of 4 books for Christmas. And if I hear one more person tell me how wonderful the twilight series is, I may have to break down and read the first book. I know...I must be living under a rock if I haven't read those books yet!!!


LME said...

After all of the Twilight hype, I just read the last 3 books a few months ago and just saw the movie for the first one, so you are not the only one that has skipped the series. They were OK. They didn't change my life or throw me onto the Twilight Frenzy Bus. I promise that you will be just fine if you never read them. Just watch the movies, if you want! Usually, books are better than movies, but I think in this case, the movies tell the stories just fine and are not so LONG, drawn out and melodramatic. That Bella can really wear you out in the books!

andreaunplugged said...

Dang girl. I just checked out your ebay stuff...listing all that stuff is a real accomplishment! Hopefully people start bidding.

Also, I found something you need to buy for Rachel with your earnings. There are lullaby versions of rock albums at
Some seem like they might be a little cheezy but some sound pretty cool.

Amanda said...

Good luck with selling the clothes! If that dosen't work, try craigslist. I've sold baby equipment and some other random stuff there too. Just a thought, and its free!!

Ashley said...

Yes, you are behind on the Twilight craze. I was into it after I'd read them and was excited about the first movie but I've since gotten over it. But I think the books are far superior to the movies ~ even considering the bad editing. Seriously, I wanted to take a highlighter and red pen through the thing.... But it's a good story, nevertheless.

AAAANNNNNDDDDDD....... I bid on several things from your listings! I think Rachel was in different seasons than Lily Ann will be, but I still found several things that would work great!

Brooke said...

Lori, If I hear my mother say "You HAVE to read them. They are SO GOOD!!" one more time, I am putting her on my blocked calls list and her emails are going straight to spam. She just finished the third book and is itching for the next one.

Andrea, I know right, it took me almost 2 full days to get everything together and loaded. My back is killing me!! I may have to check out that rockabye music. The Baby Einstein CD she has been addicted to ever since she was born makes my skin crawl everytime I hear it now...we have completely run that CD into the ground.

Ashley, it wasn't hard to figure which username and bids were yours!! :) I can't say much though since my username was my mascot at junior college. HA We're so loyal to our alma maters. You are a week out now!! Wow. That last week seems to last forever yet flies by. Good luck next Thursday.

Laurel Green said...

You should definetly read the Twilight series Brookie. The movie was awesome until I ready the books. When I went back and watched them again they sucked. The last book is the best.