Friday, January 22, 2010

The Last of the Holiday Pictures

All iPhone pics...kinda grainy!

Rachel pooped through her clothes (while my Dad was babysitting...HA, I wish I could have seen that). Needless to say, the airline lost our luggage and carseat so other than the clothes she had on (the before mentioned poopy clothes), all she had to wear was a coat the next morning until I had a chance to go and buy her something to wear.

My dad prides himself on the elaborate display of icing on each and every hand-crafted and uniquely decorated Christmas cookie. It's just not Christmas unless there is at least 2 inches of icing AND SPRINKLES on each and cookie.

Mom and I took Rach shopping and while I looked around at a little baby boutique, Mom entertained Rachel (and herself) by trying different hats on the willing baby! She was so funny...she just laughed and laughed and thought the whole dress up game was hillarious!

I guess she was ready to go back home and see Daddy and Maggie!

The gigantic bowl of snow cream that me and E made during the big snow. Oh my! I couldn't stop making and eating snow cream the entire time there was snow on the ground. Besides, how often to I even get to see snow, huh?


andreaunplugged said...

Is that made with real snow?

Brooke said...

Of course!! What else would snow cream be made of! It was yummy!

andreaunplugged said...

Yum, I wish I could try real snow cream. But any snow we get here is brown and nasty. Perhaps someday...