Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Pics

I completely forgot that I had this post completed and ready to go. Even though it's been sitting around for a while, I hope you enjoy!

E helping Rach open her presents. We put her in the jumper until we were finished to keep her occupied.

Moms, grandmas, sisters, babies, etc.

First, she had to get him out...

...So she could get in.

Riding SHOTGUN with PawPat

The "BEFORE DINNER" picture while they were both clean. She constantly wanted to stick her fingers in his ears...Weird!

This is the year Rachel discovered dog crates...

...and then Namaw taught her the art of bubble wrap.

The Babies in the Christmas pajamas Nanny gave them.


Amanda said...

The box photo is too cute :)

Anonymous said...

I love them in the snap onesies or sleeper, easy to pop a couple of crotch snaps, diaper aside, lovely close up pics of pussy, snaps closed, 2 mins and nobody ever knows