Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Finale

Ok, let's get to the story that makes me cringe to think about. Since it snowed the night before I was scheduled to take off, my flight got cancelled and rescheduled 2 days later, AT A DIFFERENT TIME. Now, normally I wouldn't care, but this year, I am traveling with Rachel and it's ALL ABOUT SCHEDULING! So I got to the airport 2 hours earlier than my flight and thought I would have plenty of time. NOPE! I waited in line at the ticket counter for an hour and a half, then went through security. This is the part of the story where I get on my soap box real fast.

I am from the South. People helping people, holding the doors, smiling and saying hello and thank you. When a mother walks through security with an infant, stroller, diaper bag and carry-on, please TSA, offer to help her take off her (and baby's) coat and shoes, unload all food and drink and formula from the diaper bag, load everything on the conveyor belt, take baby out and fold up the stroller, throw it up on the conveyor belt, then find my boarding pass and ID to go through the metal detector, and then regroup once we were cleared. Let me say how much I loathe Northerners (sorry Northerners) for this reason...not one person helped me or was even understanding. I had more people agitated that I was taking so long than were willing to help me or go around me since I offered that to everyone.

Now that I am off of my soap box, I only had 15 minutes after clearing security to make my flight and, of course, my gate required a shuttle and LONG walk! I SPRINTED with baby and stroller and carryon and diaper bag. I made it with 5 minutes to spare only be delayed until Rachel's bedtime which made for a FUN flight. We landed, deplaned and made our way to baggage claim only to find out that they lost my luggage and my carseat. Figures!

Well, luggage and carseat showed up 2 days later, luckily I could wear my mom's clothes but poor Rach, she pooped through her clothes in and all I had to put on her was her coat while I washed her clothes.

The flight home was about the same. My flight got delayed again so we didn't take off until after 10pm. Rachel was beyond exhausted and the flight was SCARY! The wind was blowing 45 mph in 22 degree weather when we landed at 12:30am. I think I would rather give birth again then fly with my child well after bedtime ever again.

Rach enjoying the wide open spaces in the empty terminal. With 3 hours to kill, I just let her go and stayed close by.


Amanda said...

That is a horriable experiance at the airport. Its too bad that no one helped, that is just rude! Cute pics of Rachel in the airport though!!

Ashley said...

Wow. I don't envy that experience. Makes me dread our trips to Colombia in the future. Don't know how we're going to manage with that. On the up side ~ it looks like Rach was enjoying the layover. Haha!