Thursday, January 21, 2010

101 Things....

Forget resolutions, make a list instead! While I was shooting for 101 things I wanted to complete this year, I only ended with about 30. But those are still 30 things I plan to accomplish before the year's end. So here are a few I am willing to share with you all:

1. Make a dress. Not just any dress...this dress from My Mama Made It. I am going to do this! I already have the top shirt picked out and have been looking for the fabric for the bottom half.

2. Make Apple Dolls for charity. I saw these dolls on Homemade by Jill using Martha Stewart's how-to guide and can wait to find the nearest craft store and buy felt.

3. Get and a pay a babysitter at least 4 times this year. We have been staying in too much these days.

4. Make a painting for the family room.

5. Make a family yearbook for Rachel and her cousin, Brodie. Since we don't get to see our family members much, I thought it would be a good idea to go over names and faces to try and curb the stranger anxiety a.k.a. excessive screaming when she meets new people.

6. Go to a play, preferably an off-Broadway production here in town.

7. Read at least 5 books, and parenting books count.

8. Buy and sell something on craigslist.

9. Sell old baby clothes on ebay.

10. Go camping. And this time...not in my backyard.

11. Write a will...with a lawyer.

12. Update passport.

13. Put pictures in all of the blank frames around the house...and there are alot of them. I have just never got around to putting photos in any of my frames. It's quite sad. But now that I have several good ones, I need to get around to making that happen.

Well...I have a few more personal goals but nothing I want to plaster all over the internet. I hope you all have a wonderful new year and I hope you all achieve all of your resolutions for this upcoming year.

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Ashley said...

Some of my favorite blogs! I love My Mama Made It and Homemade by Jill! Good luck with your list. Sounds like you'll have a fun year!