Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mt Vernon By Candlelight

I am honestly TOO tired to do the research for the Tuesday gift ideas and I am too disorganized while getting ready for dinner guests tonight to do a What's Cooking Wednesday, so I am posting pictures instead. So sorry!

During the Thanksgiving weekend, my parent's got us all tickets to Mt Vernon by Candlelight. Mt Vernon is George Washington's home in Virginia and it was amazing. Our tour commenced right at dusk and it was beautiful. I highly recommend this tour if you live in the area or plan on visiting.

Rachel's first time to see a camel. This is Aladdin, the Christmas Camel. He was so tiny and was 2 years old. They told us that back in the Christmas of 1790, George Washington paid to have an 18th century oddity come to Mt Vernon. And that oddity was a camel, now called the "Christmas Camel."
Rach's camera face (or the excitement of seeing a camel for the first time).

While we waited for our turn to tour the property, carollers wearing period apparel, entertained the crowd by singing christmas carols while we all enjoyed cider and cookies.

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Amanda said...

I love Rach's excited face! Sounds like the whole family had a great time, definitely something interesting to do around the holidays!!