Monday, November 23, 2009

Playing Catchup

It's official! I now have a crawler. She's been scooting backwards for the longest time but last week she got excited about Maggie's tail and was determined to touch it. And forward motion began...

While the babygates are up and she is thrilled she can move about now, there is still lots of whining because she's stuck under the coffee table, lots of whining because wants to play in Maggie's food and water bowl, lots of whining because she can't reach the Christmas tree...Oh my! But it sure is fun to watch!
We are now eating solid foods. Mom is breathing a sigh of relief. It's SO NICE not to have to sit there with her and feed her every bite of food that goes in her mouth. So far she hasn't found anything she WOULDN'T put in her mouth.

Last update...we finally have enough hair for a tiny hair bow. While it doesn't stay in very long, I am still thankful for hair on this Thanksgiving week.


Ashley said...

Wow! Can't believe she is getting so big!! Big girl food, hair, and crawling all in the same post is too much to handle! Hahaha!

Amanda said...

Yeah for Rachel!! She is so big and independant. Yeah, it must be tough to start investigating a room and be stuck under a table :)