Monday, November 9, 2009

In the Spirit

I love Christmas and I am SO ready to let the festivities begin! We have already started the Christmas music, today I rearranged the living room so the Christmas tree would fit, the baking has started, I am preparing my grocery list for my Thanksgiving meal, SO many things to get excited about. And none are more exciting to me than my trip home for Christmas. I am pumped!! I can't wait to see all of our family, for Rach to play with her cousin, to do a a little Christmas shopping. Ahhh...I love the holiday season! Have I mentioned that I am putting up my tree tomorrow? Don't make fun! You could do it too if you wanted! I took Rachel to Target yesterday and we hung out in the decoration department for the longest time because she was squealing at the all of the tree and yard ornaments that were all lit up. I can't wait to celebrate with her.
Here is my baby (who said MaMa to me this morning) practicing opening presents already by unloading the diaper basket 12 times daily. While I like that she moves around the floor these days, I miss the days when I could sit her down, and she would still be in the exact same spot when I checked on her a few minutes later.


Ashley said...

I do want to put up my Christmas decorations before we leave for Thanksgiving so that when we return all I have to do is plug them in and we're ready. But I also want to finish our bathroom remodel, finish the painting and construction wood working projects in the nursery, and install our new mantel before I get to work on Christmas decorations. Don't know how all of that is going to happen. Maybe I'll at least put some Christmas music on! Hahaha!

Amanda said...

I love the holiday season too! If I had MY way, the tree and decorations would have gone up yesterday :) But, we will wait until Christmas is closer, but the shopping is almost done, the cards are planned out and baking ideas are flowing through my mind. Yeah for the holidays! I can't wait for Drew to experience the magic of the seasons too!!