Friday, November 13, 2009

The Friday Wrap-Up

-We had an awesome week. E was off of work and we played and walked and cooked and enjoyed having him home for a few days before the nightmare at work starts again next week.

-The Christmas Tree is officially up but I refuse to decorate it until December. However, lights don't count as decoration. Decorations are meant to go on the tree with ambiance...Some eggnog or apple cider, and a christmas movie playing in the background with the whole family helping.**Rach was able to reach the tree topper and pulled it into her playpen...She was so excited that she had her very own Christmas tree inside her crib.

-Rach is standing and pulling up on anything and everything. This makes nap time a pain since she pulls up in the crib and tries to suck on the babycam. Or she drops her paci over the side and can't reach it to put it back in her mouth so she cries FOREVER. This is the blurry picture we got this afternoon and it's something we are starting to see alot more of...

-I heard "MaMa" come out of Rachel's mouth this week. However, I say "MaMa" and she looks me in the eye and says "BaBa." She makes the M sound all of the time but just won't say it 2 times in a row. It's still beyond cute! We also started solid foods almost exclusively. Here is Rach eating some black beans and Maggie, assuming her usual position, standing by waiting for some chicken to fall her way.

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Amanda said...

I love the nap time photo! That is great that she is eating solid foods more, yeah!

Oh, and your prize is a Christmas theme rather the Thanksgiving since you are so ready for Christmas :) It should get there on Monday....enjoy the little gifts:)