Monday, November 2, 2009

The Accident

We had our first memorable accident this week. I saw Rach holding on to the coffee table. Her feet kept pushing further and further back meaning she was going to scrape her face all the way down the table when she fell. So I went to fix her legs and didn't make it in time! UGH! The sound of her face hitting the table and then the crying. I felt so bad for her.

Since then, I had E put the playpen in the living room so she could stand in there and fall down till her heart's content. Man, she loves it! She can watch Special Agent Oso and stand up at the same time!


Amanda said...

Oh, my heart sank when you discribed her fall. But a great alternative!!

Ashley said...

Poor Rach!!! I love her pack and play!! Looks like she does, too!